Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I am writing this from my little corner of the College of Architecture and I'm realizing something.

I have a bad habit of breathing/sighing heavily with hopelessness or murmuring "oh no" to myself. Why do I realize this? Not because I'm doing it, but because the lady sitting at the computer in here is doing it. It's been really hard to be enthusiastic about the day today and I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that subconsciously, I was picking up on her bad attitude and feeling of discouragement. Also her dangly bracelet is driving me batty. Remind me to permanently ban dangly bracelets when I'm president.

This made me realize that I do that sometimes, too. I feel so annoyed that I just have to exclaim it somehow and now I'm realizing that I'm really just being dramatic and putting negativity into the atmosphere around me. No more! New goal - don't be fake happy or anything, but just keep my $^!+ to myself! Good grief!

p.s. How good is The Office! I need to rewatch all of it! 

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