Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm a Mountie!

I can officially say that I am joining the Paramount cast for the 2015 Winterguard season!!!! I'm SO unbelievably excited and I can't wait to get started this weekend!

I've worked out (I hope) how this is going to go down financially, so I'm saying yes and hopefully will be saying yes to a drum corps in November!

Just an update on the drum corps situation - I am going to tryout for Cadets as planned, but if I don't make Cadets - I'll be traveling to Orlando, FL to tryout for the Boston Crusaders! I just have to give this thing a real shot, ya know!

I can't believe this is all happening, but boy am I glad!

This is a link to the Paramount website, if you'd like to learn more! 

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