Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer Passport.

Every once in a while I browse through my Pinterest to see what sorts of pins I have deemed pin-able, but may have forgotten about. I came across one on my A house in perfect order board where someone had made a passport of every restaurant they wanted to try and would get a stamp whenever they had eaten at each place. I decided to use that idea to make a more interesting version of my list of things to do this summer!

Sometimes before summer I get so excited about doing summer things, that when it's actually summer I forget to do those things I was so excited about. And then it's fall!

So I made a list of things I have been craving about summer and put them in my "summer passport" so I could see all the things I wanted to do and if I've really done them!

I used one of the cute little jot-books that the Easter bunny left in my basket!

I can't wait for May 1 to get going on my list and have a summer full of things I want to do!

Here are some of the things on my list...

-see both sets of grandparents
-go climbing at the cool indoor wall at the new wellness center
-give Lars more tattoos (bumper stickers)
-get my middle & left splits
-see the Braves win
-eat burgers from the grill
-go kayaking of course! (p.s. you're invited)
-see a movie at Cine
-make something I've pinned on Pinterest
-go to six flags
-swim at Keigh's
-see at least one concert
-MANY more!

How do you like to make sure you do everything you wanted in the summer/ stay busy and not bored?

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