Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Slingshot to Heaven.

I bought the Margot CD that came out today so I can sing every word when we see them May 7!!!!!!!!

So far it's really awesome and today has been pretty good! So here are 10 things I am excited about (11 counting Margot in May)

1. Dance concert on Wednesday!

2. Seeing you and hanging out with you and mom on Thursday!

3. The weekend!!! Sleeping in late and going to the Lion King on Saturday!

4. Seeing the Braves play the Reds on Sunday!

Doing some Grand Battements to warm up. *

5. Finals week (in a weird way) it means no class!

6. Moving out of the dorm and into Gameday next Thursday!!!!

7. Shaky Knees in just a few weekends and staying with Maggie!!!

can you believe the word "shaky" isn't spelled "shakey"?

8. A tiny summer break before my little summer class!

9. Pawleys Island - duh


Happy Tuesday! 

* This is a real Grand Battement (pronounced Baht - mah, but you probably already knew that)

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