Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here It Is...The Official 19th Birthday Wish List!

The long awaited list is here!

A few notes before you shop (or window shop!)

There are a few things on my Pinterest page that are not mentioned here. Those things are still GREAT options, the items here are just my top (40) favorites!

Also, this post still applies!

Lastly, The numbers are all color coded based on price. The price is not specific, just a ballpark (may be a little over or under depending on taxes and such) here is the legend:
RED- $0-$25
ORANGE- $26-$50
GREEN- $51-$75
PURPLE-over $100
MAGENTA-well over $100 ;)
ICE BLUE- different things are listed and prices vary betwixt categories! 

Also, no pressure, enjoy shopping or browsing! :)

1. Ring that spells "ChoBoi" (like my Let Go ring). My ring size is 6.5 (i think)

2. Gap bag that I've been crushing on.

3. Patagonia baggies shorts (size: S, color: Frank's Garden, Teal)

4. Gap Skinny Jeans are always a treat! (size: 0, color: rinse)

5. New Sister Ring (Can be found at the Villager in Auburn, mine is broken which is stinky) However, I don't think they have that style anymore, so I'd love this one from Auburn Art. (can't find it online, only in stores, but this is what it looks like!)

6. Any movie that has ever been nominated for an Oscar (best-picture) Here is a list of all movies that have been nominated! Pick a random year! I'd love to randomly get all the nominees from 1937 etc. :)

7. A straightener/ curling iron. would much simplify gameday!

8. Bath and Body Works Car Holder and Freshener (because Lars is STANKY)

9. Shirts! I realized the other day that I don't really have many shirts!
I like this one (S,Ivory), $78
this one (S, Purple), $15
this one (M, tan), $55
and this one (S, black) $20 a lot!


10. War Damn Band Shirt! (Medium)

11. More Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil!

12. Those great Nike lace ups (Size: 7, Color: Black)

13. These Chick Flicks to add to my collection: Miss Congeniality, No Strings Attached, and You've Got Mail

14. CDs! Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here Can't get enough!!!

15. Clothes!!! For the sake of simplicity, I've put them all under number 15. (Store, Color, Size)

Shorts (Gap, Dockside Blue, 0) $50
Pants (J. Crew, Navy, 0) $128
Top (Anthropologie, Coral, S) $58
Jacket (Anthropologie, Yellow, S) $158
Sweater (Gap, Heather Gray, S) $25
Skirt (Anthropologie, Water Color, 0) $118
Dress (Gap, Heather Gray, S) $70
Scarf (Gap, OffWhite) $40
Swimsuit (Gap, aqua, S) $43 + $37

16. Also, these Nike shorts (small, Turquoise/Black)  and sports bras (medium) would be great for camp!

17. A big cuddly blanket. This isn't the exact link to this blanket, I just want one like in the picture!

18. Vera Bradley Correspondance Cards in Midnight Blues.

19. This gorgeous duffel bag with MMM (totally not a need) off white and navy combo. so frivolous but so pretty!

20. This book, or this one!

21. These funny (M, Red), and cool(M, Gray) tee shirts!

22. A monogram ring or this funny coffee ring! or reindeer ring? I'm a ring girl! (size 6.5, silver for first two, gold for third)

23. This lovely iPod/Phone dock This is mostly here for looks. I'd rather have the money than the product...Just bring me a tree branch. Don't actually buy this. It's like, more than $1,000...so yeah. Just for looks!

24. COMFY PANTS!!! (S, black)

25. Vans (mine are gettin' rough) (size 7, color beach grass)

26. Birkenstocks. Yep. I'm officially a hippie. size 7, color solid brown (in picture)

27. Nail Polish is always a good option!

28. KKPsi things! Like this ornament!

29. A Vera Bradley Super Tote. I've used my Yellow Bird bag for years and it's the perfect practice bag! Just time for a new color! This style is retired, but there are a few options from around the web (mostly ebay) that sell new ones with tags and all. The one I found is in Totally Turq :)

30. Ellen Underwear. You know. (size S)

31. This amazing two tone sweater!!! (size S) I'm OBSESSED with this!!!!

32. I'm also a huge fan of these state shape things! I'd love the state of Illinois with Chicago highlighted, South Carolina with Pawleys Island highlighted, or Georgia with Athens or Dahlonega highlighted :)
(ring size 6.5, shirts M :)

33. An "I party with Jay Gatsby" tank (Size:Medium, Color: Coffee)

34. 5 year Q&A journal! You would need to buy it new, but this is WAY cool, I really really want this!  really really really really really want this.

35. TOMS!!! I love these classics ($54) and these that are a little different ($84)! Always a good option!

36. I love this dance top! Size small. Would be great for dance class!

37. This bag I've been obsessed with for way too long.

38. This adorable cardigan.

39. Neato iPhone case for iPhone 4.

40. I also have an obsession with these shoes! (size 7)

Well, I worked way harder on that than I should've. Hopefully it's helpful though! I would love any of this stuff and anything mentioned in the timeless gifts post! :) Thanks for looking!

p.s. Mom and Dad are excused from this because they have already generously bought me my new sleeping bag, eno pillow, and gorgeous clutch! :) Which I already love! So thanks mom & dad!

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