Thursday, April 30, 2015

Paramount 2015 - archiTEXTURES

Wow. I have so many thoughts about my wonderful experience with Paramount. I'll try to be brief, but I'm also partially writing this so I can come back years from now and remember this special time. So here we go...

I'd first like to say that I have always loved color guard, but something has been off. I have felt out of place to be spinning with the people I was with, but at Paramount I felt totally welcome. Even people I didn't exactly get along with were people I had a lot of respect for (and probably ended up liking). In the past, seasons have left me craving more - feeling like I hadn't quite reached all I could. This season left me totally exhausted. And I loved it. I left nothing unsaid, undone, or underperformed.

Next, a few years ago when Argo won best picture at the Oscars and Ben Affleck was accepting his award - he thanked people who pushed him to work harder than he even knew possible. The idea of working harder than you know is possible really struck me because how can you pass a limit that exists for you? I found that answer with Paramount - people who have limits beyond yours can take you past your hardest work, and that is what a real team feels like. I feel like I never stopped getting better, and at the same time, I feel like I reached my fullest potential. at least for this season.

flanceline :)

As for memories- I've got a lifetime of them from just a few months. Some things I hope I'll remember are the Charlotte road trip with William, Madison, and Thomas. Staying up late at Mt. Juliet high school talking after our shows. Riding in that van to Cincinnati watching the sun go down. Valentine's Day weekend when Johnny came in and I decided that I really belonged out there. Spending the night at the Paradisos and eating a ton of candy. Walking into Heritage Pres to all my favorite people giving me hugs after a long week apart. Eating chocolate pie at Waffle House after getting out of practice at 1 am. Nailing the ending 45 toss. My moment with Jenny at the beginning of part 2. What it felt like to be in my lift looking up at the audience above the whole guard. Getting compliments from staff. Eating in Athens on the way back from Charlotte. The week Thomas spent at 908 where we ate cheese dip for every meal and discovered we are teaching soul mates. walking into that warm up room in finals and doing roll downs with the biggest stupidest grin on my face. singing in the thot van finals week with Nathan, Marcus, Eli, A.J., William, and Kim. going to the super Target with Blakely and Madison for pizza hut pasta. how it felt to have someone walk up to us and say they loved our show. MANY ocean waters from Sonic. riding through Atlanta at night with all the lights. watching TV in the Paradio's living room all snuggled in the futon.

song from our finals week warm up. makes me miss it in the best way! 

Paramount 2015, you will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart :)


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