Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy Sunday?

Hello Hello Hello

I would apologize for not blogging in a while, but I think we're both guilty of not keeping up to date here. (so blog something because I miss reading your posts!)

My most recent news is that my Opelika girls got a 1 at competition! The majorettes, kickline, drum majors, percussion, and band also got 1s for an overall score of 1! My girls also were 3rd over the entire competition with a score of 90! I was proud because our show is REALLY hard - hard choreography, hard charts, and just a hard show. Of course first at competition would've been cool, but there's always winterguard!

I am busily making my spring schedule recently and one of my favorite things about it is that Sunday afternoons - I will have the option of staying in Atlanta to visit friends and cousins or come to Athens and have dinner with you guys or drive back to Auburn for KKPsi chapter & events! I think it'll be fun to have a different Sunday plan each week to keep things interesting and it's going to mean that I have a time when I can come home, snuggle with Charlie, and say hello to ole Summit Oaks!

Of course, Paramount practices have started and will be more frequent as we get closer to January. At my first practice, I was too tired to really enjoy what was going on, but something about the last practice we had really had me excited. I was originally supposed to leave early to make it back for chapter, but I was having so much fun, I stayed the whole time. I'm certainly not the best, but the staff makes me feel like I can do it. And, that positive energy from the staff and other cast members makes me feel encouraged and I catch on more quickly than being frustrated. I am just so grateful that I get to spin with Paramount that I can't help but be unexplainably happy during practice. Yay!

We have our first overnight this coming weekend (saturday and sunday) and I'm hoping to come to Athens and see y'all (if you're free) and Ashley! I haven't seen Ashley in over 4 months which is absolutely insane.

Is this what you envisioned, too? This is what I always imagined it looked like - and it looks like a big fun band geek sleepover to me! 

School-wise, I am starting week 9 of my last semester of Junior Year today! Next week is the last full week of October (can you believe it?) and then it'll be time for KKPsi Joint Ceremony, OHS Winter Guard to kickoff, more Paramount practices, the GA/AU game, Thanksgiving break, and... my Cadets tryout! Yikes! (and yay!)

What have you been up to lately?

p.s. Christmas list coming in a few weeks - only 10 weeks til Christmas!

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