Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24.

16 years ago - despite dad telling me that mom had swallowed a basketball - a baby was born.

I remember sitting at the hospital with the grandparents (I'm told all four were all there, but I only remember Mammy and GiGi being there.) The year is 1998. The height of fashion and rock n' roll. I'm wearing my favorite dress to meet my new little sibling - a striped (wow, foreshadowing, or what?) jumper dress with my name stitched in yellow across the front and a red bow in my short curly hair. I remember Dr. Johnson knocking on the glass dividing us and mouthing to me "You have a little sister."

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when you weren't also 3 and a half, but I think we've made the age difference work.

Being photogenic doesn't kick in for a few more years for me, but you were a natural from the get-go! 

P, you are the best little sister ever. I've loved every minute of watching you grow up,  befriending 178 Polly Pockets and a dozen American Girl dolls, our deep talks, our talks that are only quotes from romantic comedies and old SNLs, and your ability to be absolutely genuinely yourself. Even though you are my little sister, I look up to you - and not just because you are technically taller than me.

Pippa & Kate

You make being a big sister fun!

That one time you were so sick you could barely tick or treat & I was gay rights for Halloween...

Have a good one, Pizza!

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