Monday, April 8, 2013

Arrogantly Shabby.

Lately all I can think about is my favorite place in the world Pawleys Island!

I leave for Pawleys on May 12, which is just 5 weeks!

Sadly, I won't be staying for very long because of staff training at Glisson, but at least I will get a little fix right before my camp journey starts!

It sounds like you and I will be switching places this year as far as when we will both be at the beach. That makes me so sad, but your recent handwork with our Auburn pictures leads me to believe you can make it at least look like we were at the beach at the same time! :)

The list of things I want to be sure I do there are...

1. Hammock Shops

2. Creek Ratz

3. swim in the ocean

4. Relax some and read

5. Eat lunch by the pool

6. Get all dressed up for dinner one night

7. Go on morning bike rides

8. Play tennis

9. Lazy river

10. Maybe go to a Pelicans game? They will be home on the 12 and 13th!

11. Eggs Up Grill!

Only 34 days until I'm reunited!!!

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